About Us

The goal of the UT Math Club aim to foster a sense of community among the pure math student body at UT. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, we welcome you to share in our passion for and learn more about math. Also, free food is always provided!

UT Math Club meets in RLM 5.122 every Tuesday 5-6 pm and Friday 4-5 pm. Tuesday meetings typically involve lectures from professors or grad students or informal student-led inquiry sessions. Friday meetings involve student talks, which go by the name Math Undergraduate Student Talks (MUST). Check out the MUST tab for more information. For more information on events and scheduling, check out the calendar below.




  • President: Leon Liu
  • Vice-President: Daniel Wolber-Wood
  • External Affairs Officer: Demetrius Rowland
  • Events and Entertainment Officer: Zachary Gardner