Past Issues:

We are proud to announce the launch of the UT Austin Undergraduate Math Journal or UTMJ for short. The purpose of the UTMJ is to showcase the social and academic aspects of the math community at UT Austin. As such, we aim to incorporate a variety of content into the UTMJ, examples of which include:

  • Expository articles
  • Undergraduate research
  • Interviews with professors
  • Commentary from graduate and undergraduate students
  • Stories, trivia, and quotes

Expository articles focus on ideas and come roughly in three different difficulty levels:

  • Intro: requires only the ability to think rigorously
  • Intermediate: requires knowledge of calculus, differential equations, and/or linear algebra
  • Advanced: requires knowledge of abstract algebra, analysis, or other advanced topics

If you have stories to tell, advice to give, or a suggestion for a professor to interview then send a message to If you are interested in serving as an editor for the UTMJ then, again, shoot us an email. If you are interested in contributing an expository article or describing research you have done then download UT Math Journal and get started.